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Mikaela Ellen Little FoxBorder Voices Student Poets, Poet-Teachers and musicians
performed at the first San Diego Book Fair
Mikaela Ellen, Spreckels Elementary,  Grade 3, poses after reading her poem, “Little Fox,”   

In 2020-2021, the Border Voices Poetry Project launches a creative partnership with San Diego Poetry Annual, the Poetry and Arts Series, Broken Anchor Poetry, and many other literary and creative organization.

The partnership will allow us to reach new audiences in San Diego schools (where Border Voices has taught 1,352 poetry workshops to 37,858 students since 1993), on TV, and in the general community.

It will also have a nationwide impact.

Ever since 1993, the world’s most famous poets (imagine Lawrence Ferlinghetti, poet laureates Billy Collins and Kay Ryan) have trekked to San Diego and left raving about the huge successes of the Border Voices Poetry Project: “Like many writers and educators, I have a dream of bringing major poets into the schools . . . and promoting poetry in every classroom. That vision has already begun in San Diego, thanks to the Border Voices Poetry Project…’

Dana Gioia,
Poet, critic and former chairman
of the National Endowment for the Arts.

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Yes, we have free poetry fairs, featuring celebrated poets from around the world, who have delighted thousands of people. The fair includes students reading theiraward-winning poems, Risa the Poetry Clown, music and other delights. To get a “feel” for a Border Voices Poetry Fair, check out the fair schedule And Border Voices TV and radio shows have entertained millions on ITVSee the schedule on your local Educational TV channel,
Cox 16 or AT&T 99.



 (1) A complete list of Border Voices poets that teachers can bring into the classroom. The poets are available throughout the county.
See Meet the Poet-Teachers 
(2) To order the 2020 anthology and earlier years as well as the 2015 e-book click on Acclaimed Anthologies.
(3) Poems by award-winning students 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016
(4) A report showing how Border Voices boosts test scores and student self-esteem. Soaring Scores: THE RIGHT STUFF
(5) A proposal to create an ”endowment for poetry” to serve the students of San Diego: Case Study

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“Border Voices is like nothing
I’ve ever done…I have never
had a better sense of mixing
poetry worlds together”

– Donald Hall: one of America’s most-honored poets

A CHARMING INTRO TO BORDER VOICES POETRY: 9-year-old Brianna Harrison (above) wowed a crowd of 7,500 when she introduced Maya Angelou at Cox Arena. Brianna recited Ms. Angelou’s most famous poem, “I Rise,” with infectious gusto. FOR MORE POETRY-ON-FILM, visit our archives at YouTube.

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

The students, poets, parents and teachers
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