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Border Voices Poetry
26th year annual Anthology


BV19_COVER_FORWEBTo order an anthology by phone please contact Jack Webb 619-847-8714

Border Voices Poetry
Critically Acclaimed Anthologies:


2018 In Lovely Blue: The Harp of Heaven
25th Annual Anthology

2017 Standing In Heaven’s Fire
Our Children Are Wrapped in Song:

To order an anthology by phone
please contact Jack Webb 619-847-8714


 The Best of Border Voices: Poet Laureates,
Pulitzer Prize Winners & the Wisdom of Kids

Best of Border Voices

Named “Best Poetry Anthology of 2007” by USABookNews!


2016 Twenty Three Years
Border Voices Order Form 2016 order

To order an anthology by phone please contact Jack Webb 619-847-8714


2015 was our first e-book and is available on Amazon Kindle 


The 2015 e-book anthology will feature the award-winning students and celebrity poets from the May 14, 2015 “Virtual” Poetry Fair at the ITV studios with a special dedication to Steve Kowit. Also, many other students have been published in this anthology. Published students were sent letters. To purchase this Border Voices Poetry e-book anthology please contact Jack Webb 619-847-8714.


BVCover for Website

The 2014 anthology featured at our poetry fair on May 31, 2014. To purchase Border Voices Poetry Anthologies please use this Border Voices ORDER FORM 2014  $19.00 ea. (including postage and handling) or order early and SAVE – you may pick up your copies at the fair for 16.95 per copy.

Featured Poets: Brendan Constantine & Poet-teachers: Jackleen Holton, Celia Sigmon, Veronica Cunningham, Seretta Martin, and Risa the Poetry Clown

 20th year - 2013

20th Anniversary year – 2013 $19.00
Featured Poets: Risa the Poetry Clown, Francisco Bustos, Shadab Zeest Hashmi, Steve Kowit

* * *Take a look at the amazing line-up of famous poets we’ve had over the years. This list will help you to know what previous anthologies to order: To order copies of anthologies from 1994 through 2016 contact
Jack Webb: 619-847-8714 1994

Marilyn Chin, Jack Grapes, Philip Levine, Fred Moramarco, Simon J. Ortiz, Leroy V. Quintana, Gary Soto, Quincy Troupe, Sherley Anne Williams.


Ai, Sandra Alcosser, Juan Felipe Herrera, Fred Moramarco, Ojenke, Margarita Luna Robles, Gary Snyder.


Wanda Coleman, Glover Davis, Dorianne Laux, Li-Young Lee,
Adrienne Rich.


Robert Hass, Sandra Cisneros, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, June Jordan, Lê Thi Diem Thúy.


Robert Pinsky, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Donald Hall, Joy Harjo, Victor Martinez, Susan Luzzaro, Sekou Sundiata. (Czeslaw Milosz, the Nobel Laureate in Literature, was featured at a Border Voices event two months before the annual poetry fair.  Also appearing in separate events that year were Susan Sontag, and controversial filmmaker Michael Moore).


W.S. Merwin, Galway Kinnell, Alberto Blanco, Eavan Boland,
devorah major.


Billy Collins, Sharon Olds, Martín Espada, Mark Strand, Genny Lim.


Ernesto Cardenal, Steve Kowit, Naomi Shihab Nye, Reg E. Gaines,
Jayne Cortez.


Billy Collins, Jane Hirshfield, Gary Soto, and Marilyn Chin appeared at the fair at Montezuma Fall on April 27.  The day before the fair, Maya Angelou filled 7,500-seat Cox Arena.


Francisco X. Alarcón, David Antin, Amy Gerstler, Sandra McPherson, Christine Huynh, Donna J. Watson.


Adrienne Rich, Robert Creeley, Sandra Cisneros, Ken Waldman.


Lawrence Ferlinghetti (the fair was trimmed that year because of project director Jack Webb’s emergency heart operation).


Dana Gioia, Sharon Olds, Luis J. Rodríguez, Len Waldman.


Robert Pinsky, Adrienne Rich, Steve Kowit, Catherine Yi-yu Cho Woo.


Ekiwah Adler-Beléndez, Kay Ryan, Ilya Kaminsky, Li-Young Lee.


Trish Dugger, Susanne Lummis, Rae Armantrout, Jericho Brown.


Alberto Blanco, Steve Kowit, Ilya Kaminsky, David Tomas Martinez


Steve Kowit, Celia Sigmon, Chris Baron, Seretta Martin


Sandra Alcosser, Francisco Bustos, Regina Morin, Al Zolynas


Risa the Poetry Clown, Francisco Bustos, Shadab Zeest Hashmi, Steve Kowit


Brendan Constantine, Jackleen Holton, Celia Sigmon, Veronica Cunningham, Seretta Martin, Risa the Poetry Clown


Chris Vannoy, Joe Milosch


Claudia Poquoc, Seretta Martin


Celia Sigmon, Johnnierenee Nia Nelson, Claudia Poquoc,
Seretta Martin


Chris Dickerson, Celia Sigmon, Seretta Martin, Leslie L.J. Reilly


Johnnierenee Nia Nelson, Celia Sigmon Seretta Martin


LaDean Berry, Mary Harker, Lynda Riese, Seretta Martin, Johnnierenee Nia Nelson, Leslie L J Reilly, Celia Simon,
Jovyn Anderson, Luke Anderson, Eli Anderson




2 Responses to Anthologies to Order

  1. Samantha says:

    I’m looking for a copy of What the song Hoped For” I was a student and my poem was published and unfortunately I don’t have a copy and was wondering if there’s any way I could receive one?

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