2016 Award Winning Poems

Award Winning Poems

These four award-winning student poets will appear on ITV May 26 to read their poems and talk about poetry with founding director & poet: Jack Webb & Poet-Teachers: Claudia Poquoc & Seretta Martin


Daniela Neria, First place,
Carver Elementary

The Old Door

The bell rang.
Oh, no!
Here they come!
I can sense them.
Stop slamming me!
Pushing me! It hurts!
I feel angry
when you kids do that.
You run in and out,
in and out, every five seconds.
There you go again—
in and out.
You grab my door knob
and twist and twist—
eer, eer, eer.
Your hands are covered
with dirt and germs.
Enough is enough!
I’m retiring.
The janitor is going to
remove me from my hinges
and take me home.
Wonder what he’ll do
with a gym door?

Daniela Neria
Carver Elementary, Grade 4
Poet-teacher: Claudia Poquoc
Classroom Teacher: Bill McClain

Anthony Bohena, Second place,
Carver Elementary

The Life of an Egg

Boiling, boiling in a pot.
I was removed
but I was hot.
Then put in bowl
of cold, cold water.
I’d rather be colder
than hotter and hotter.
My shell was cracked.
I was snacked.
First cut by a knife.
That’s the end of my life.

Anthony Bahena
Carver Elementary, Grade 4
Poet-teacher: Claudia Poquoc
Classroom Teacher: Bill McClain


Jua Kim, Third place,
Spreckels Elementary

Champion of Nature

I am the sapphire sky. I never sleep,
and I don’t waste any minutes.
As clear as water, cover me with clouds
and I change my expression.

Watch me as I light the world with daylight,
bright and gentle. I allow children
to fill their hearts with rays of warmth and joy
But time flies, and I fade away.

Call me the gentle river.
I slowly and steadily wash by,
leaving nothing but a shimmering reflection.

Sometimes the sun evaporates me
and then the clouds rain me down to home.
Listen as I fall, drop by drop.            

I flow in creeks, rivers, and oceans.
Watch as tiny flecks of water
bounce around the rushing waves.

In real life I am only a third grade girl
But in my mind, I am a champion of nature.

Jua Kim
Spreckels Elementary, Grade 3
Poet-teacher: Celia Sigmon
Classroom Teacher: Deron Bear

Eliie Huntsman, Fourth place,
Spreckels Elementary

If Poetry Was

If poetry was
it would pop in the sky
               and sprinkle down
               new ideas.
If poetry was
it would vanish beyond
               the boundaries of rules.
If poetry was
               a blue bird
it would fly ideas
               from place to place.
If poetry was
               a package
it would deliver itself
               to every door.
But the real magic
               is what you do
               with it.


Ellie Huntsman                                                                                                                       Spreckels Elementary, Grade 4
Poet-teacher: Celia Sigmon                                                                                 
Classroom Teacher: Deron Bear